I bought a Gundam Tryon 3. Yes I know it looks like a toy, and it looks like a power rangers megazord. It is really that bad, Still I rather see it as an opportunity. I really do like the idea of the Tryon, but I don’t like its rainbow color sheme. So I bought one wanting to paint it. Should have been a Quick and easy. Just change the colors into something dark and elegant and then I’ll have a nice display piece. Still somehow after a year it is still unfinished. 

We need Super Duper Gundam Megazord Power!
Classy gold.

First I bought some spraycans on the internet. Not knowing what to do I cut the pieces of the runner put them on some toothpicks and sprayed the paint. Oh no. I am out of paint, what do I do? Well buy new paint. Too bad Life happens and I am busy and forget to buy stuff. Thus half a year goes by. 

High Quality Spraybooth
Sleep well my Gold.

I need more paint! And more limbs!

Fase 2; bought more cans and we are ready to finish. First modifications. Maybe we just lose the backpack. It looks bulky and silly and apart from the transformation (which I dislike) it is useless anyhow. Change ideas on some of the colors, sand some more. Yes almost finished. PFFFFFFFFF. Am I spraying with an airbrush? No. out of paint again. So for now you’ll have to wait for me to buy paint again. So I can finish this nice kit. 

Looking good. #professional
Remember kids. Always wear Gloves!
I love my gold.
Did I forget something?
I must be getting old.

see you next time in the final review (in 3 months or so). 
Matamune Gundam


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