I recently finished a small diorama (which you will see as soon as I get time off from my wife and kid to take more pictures) and I am currently working on two small painting projects. Still with every new model release I feel the urge to think; ‘what can I make out of that’?
So today you will get a small look into my imagination. It will be a random list of future projects, good ideas, plans, and cute dreams. I hope you Enjoy and if you have any creative ideas or suggestions please add them in the comments.

Soon in a blog near you!

Oh how I wish I was rich. Then I could convince my wife to let me buy way more model kits. Still I am not sure I would have enough time to build them all. As such I have to make do with buying models once in a while and making the best of my time.

New projects are you ready?

So I will start of with the two future projects I will build. Recently I was in Hongkong where I bought a MG Rezel and an old Sumo. I love World War 2 movies, books and documentaries. and I am currently building 2 airforce inspired HG Gundams. For my MG Rezel I had a similar inspiration. It will be turned into a Japanese Kamikaze Zero fighter plane. It will have a cream white exterior and some painted red markings. I might even make some bigger wings and a new cockpit. To make it look perfectly I am also thinking of building a small airfield diorama base to match the kit. It would be a lot of work, but it be my first MG custom.

Rezel banzai!

The Sumo I bought was really cheap. Thus I want to use it for paint practice. Painting model kits is a lot of work and can be quite expensive. Buying an airbrush is very expensive (my wife will kill me) and spray cans aren’t that cost-efficient either. So the Sumo kit will become my first handpainted kit. My idea is to use cheap acrylic paints I found in my local hobby store. The colors I want to use will be gold, brown (or copper) and a nice metallic for the innerframe.
These are my plans, but what to do after I finish those?

Too much choice

Well I have several plans in my head (more to come). First of all I love the Zeta Gundam. it is the best looking mobile suit, period. My first plan was to build a Zeta showroom. It would be a Diorama in which I would showcase the RG Zeta And the newly released Gunpla evolution Zeta HG in both waverider and mobile suit form. But after some thought it didn’t feel all that challenging to just straight build two kits and make a small diorama. So after some wild google searches (or just checking many Gundam websites and forums) I got some awesome ideas. To me the Zeta looks amazingly similar too Starscream from the Transformers Anime. on the internet there are many Optimus Prime Gundam mashups. So an idea was born. Recently I found a website showing off Marvel Gundams. A drawing of a SD Zeta turned into Cyclops from the X-men just looked perfect. And so another awesome kit idea was born. That I will buy a Zeta someday I am sure. What I will do with it is still unclear. Best idea is to buy 2 (or more).

Surfs up, dude. 

Another comic inspired thought of mine was to turn the ‘surfing’ Atlas Gundam into a Silver Surfer Gundam. Just painting it light blue and silver and turning some pla plate into a good looking surfboard (instead of using the shield) should be enough to turn this awesome kit into something even better.

Now’s not the time for fear. That comes later.

There are also two new releases I am more then looking forward too. The Hamma Hamma and the Blue Destiny Gundam. The Hamma Hamma looks creepy but cool. Having a lot of pipes and cables. I want to add even more of  those pipes and cables and then repaint the kit in purple and black with green accents. Somehow that makes me think off Bane from Batman. It would be a nice different looking kit to my small collection. (I need more display space).
The HG blue destiny however makes me want to replicate a scene from the movie ‘The Longest Day’. As I mentioned before I love WW2 movies. They inspire me tremendously. Thus I want to make the blue destiny into a paratrooper hanging from a churchtower. He will be tangled in his chute like on the movie and I might even add searchlights and some Zaku german soldiers. It would defintely be a nice challenging diorama build and good practice on building fake walls.


As you can read I have quite a few plans lined up. I really want to stay busy and enjoy my hobby to the fullest. Luckily I can easily buy model kits and supplies for reasonable prizes. Still it is not the cheapest hobby nor is it an easy one. But I really enjoy being creative and having fun. Why I build? Well I just want to create something nice. Have the ideas in my head become real and show them to my family (and maybe through this blog to some more people).

Matamune Gundam


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