Finishing my Sinanju I felt I wanted to challenge myself a little more. Though not by trowing myself into full on painting yet. I wanted to take it slow and bought a pack of Gundam markers.

My new best friends (except for you bad yellow)

I also found a cute new friend to try my new markers on. SD Lightning Gundam. Since it is an SD it has an undecent load of stickers and little to no color seperation. So it would be the perfect experiment.

My willing test subject. muhahaha!

But using just one small gundam seemed boring. So after watching the new Build Fighters Try OVA I thought why not make an SD Lightning with the Back Weapon System MKIII.

Go Go Lightning Gundam

The kit itself is your standard SD, small and not much poseability. but adding the MKIII backpack and the enhanced beam weapon add-on makes it look quite intimidating. The backpack is kinda loose though, because the SD doesn’t have a good place to connect it. still it fits decently into a slot in the back. Best part was that I didn’t have to modify it (the gun neither).

Look at all my stuff!

So my biggest modifications where painting all of the parts. I used metalic green for the head cameras, the camera on the flyer and the vents in the shoulders (want to call them emeralds). I painted Most of the blue parts grey and used the same grey for the beam enhancer and some of the vents on the backpack. Then I used some (evil) yellow on the arms and vents. After which I switched to using gold on the flyer and shield. Lastly I used a little bit of light blue on the gun to break the montone colour it had.

Look at me and my Emeralds.
you terrible Yellow!
Mini Armory
Fly me to the moon
Do you like my big gun? do you?

As you can see my attempt isn’t as good as I hoped. This was because my own skill was not good enough yet (first try), but also because the pens kept leaking and drooping. Probably using a small brush would have been easier and better to control. The worst offender was my yellow pen. It would droop everywhere and just make a mess. The grey marker somehow turned out a little spotty after drying. the green marker however was fine and I love the color. But getting the green in the vents wasn’t easy and neither was painting red onto dark blue. As such this Gundam is best viewed from a distance.

brain Surgery.

I did detail the head under the helmet. I really love the ammount of detail there thus I wanted to paint it and make it pop even more. This is probably the part of the paint job I am most proud of. Although it is the one part that has stickers, since I can’t draw cute eyes like that.

Plain is the best?
Oh, enjoying my panties?

Lastly, I did do some panel lines. But I personally don’t like overdoing them. I fell like most parts get natural shadowing if you take pictures in the sun. So there is no need to accentuate them even more. Most of the panel lines can be found on the backpack. I wanted to paint parts of the backpack. like for instance make the blades/wings look more like blades by using a grey pen. Eventually though I opted against it for the simple reason that I like it better plain. The backpack looks like a nice sporty red backpack with white jet wings. also notice I did not panel line the wings for the same reason.

I like SD Gundams a lot. They are so much fun to detail and experiment with. I would however not use gundam markers as much anymore. Markers are great for small modifications on larger panels. However on small details I can’t seem to get it right.   Still I like how my Lightning Gundam turned out. Even though I can only look at him from a distance.

Matamune Gundam.
Disclaimer; if anyone see socks or underwear in any of the pictures I apologize for not having a decent place to take pictures. But at least the light is good.


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