Sinanju and the unused stickers

This was my first project where I opted to stop using the stickers and make some small changes using paint markers.

precious gold

Most of the time using stickers ends up in peeling and overall bad looks. So I wanted to make better looking frame details.


Most of the detail stickers on this kit are found on the inner frame. They are either in gold or silver.

Look at my sexy ankles

Thus I got some paint markers and detailed the frame with those. Since I am not to certain about my painting skills I chose to use markers for my first try.

Cry on my fancy shoulder. 

Another small change I liked was to change the gun’s color scheme slightly. The monotone grey just looked too boring. Once again I chose a metallic color. and changed the color of the scope. “The silver Sniper”.

“Silver Sniper”

I made a few small mistakes too. I broke the connectors for the axes. Not having any glue. I just kept it that way. it still connects perfectly. Sometimes my paint marker would be a little to happy and splash the parts. Luckily it was relatively easy to scratch the big mistakes away. But some parts are still a little off. luckily you can’t really see these small details well.

“Do you feel lucky, punk?”

I did end up using some of the sticker decals. I might someday change them with waterslides. For now it will do though.

I can stand! (falls over second later)

I really love this kit and it is a trophy in my display cabinet. it has it problems (like standing up and droopy arms). But those aren’t dealbreakers. The sinanju just looks awesome. Someday I will have to revisit the Sinanju and build a MG custom Sinanju (Maybe a purple Batman themed Sinanju).

Matamune Gundam


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